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The more detailed the market data, the more detailed the analyses you can perform. Once the profile of a specific area has been established, certain assumptions can be made about the surrounding region, the idea being that "similar" individuals and household types tend to cluster together. The goal of microgeographic analyses is to utilize data from a combination of regional levels - from street segments to postcodes, municipalities and greater metropolitan areas - in order to produce a detailed portrait of a small geographic area.

Possible applications of microgeographic data include: 

  • Calculation of demand for different products and services
  • Diverse scoring possibilities (e.g., new customer acquisition, customer retention)
  • Catchment area analyses, location planning, branch network optimization
  • Database enhancement using external market data
  • Targeted address selection for direct marketing purposes

GfK offers the following microgeographic market datasets:

This wealth of geographic and market data is easily viewable and accessible via our microgeographic databases, Point Plus® and RegioGraph. The latter is a high-performance, customizable geomarketing software that puts microgeographic data at your fingertips in the form of a user-friendly map interface.


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