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What is GfK Businesses?

The GfK Businesses microgeographic dataset reveals the regional distribution of companies in Germany at the level of street segments. Organized according to business branch and size, the dataset facilitates a more targeted implementation of company resources in the B2B sector. The carefully researched data show the microgeographic distribution of businesses based on the total number of companies in Germany.

GfK Businesses consists of the following datasets:

  • GfK Businesses by branch
  • GfK Businesses by size 

How can GfK Businesses help me?

GfK Businesses allows you to locate potential customers at the level of street segments, making it possible to customize your marketing and sales approaches accordingly. GfK GeoMarketing also offers support for your direct marketing activities by providing, upon request, complete address listings for companies in which you are interested.

GfK Businesses is available for the following countries:

The dataset is ideal for your microgeographic analyses, with information down to the level of street segments.








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