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Geomarketing-Software RegioGraph - GfK GeoMarketing

  • Analyze customer and markets on digital maps
  • Plan and optimize sales territories
  • Make more informed location decisions

RegioGraph gives you the ability to visualize and analyze all company data directly on digital maps. This extracts more insights from your data by revealing trends and relationships that would otherwise go unnoticed.


When used in conjunction with data on market potential, RegioGraph reveals areas of untapped potential in your markets. A comprehensive range of analysis, planning and calculation features boost company turnover and efficiency!


Additional information on RegioGraph can be found on the official product website,

RegioGraph 10 - Knowledge management Categorie winner of the Innovation Award awarded by Initiative Mittelstand!Initiative Mittelstand Innovation Award Winner in Knowledge Management!

RegioGraph - Windows 8 compatibleRegioGraph is Windows 8 compatible.



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