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All of GfK's maps are manually digitized by our in-house team of highly experienced cartographers and geographers. This means that our maps are quality-controlled, ultra-precise and 100% error-free.

Maps provide comprehensive, gapless coverage - in other words, maps and layers of adjacent countries fit together seamlessly without any overlap. This is true not only of administrative and postcode areas, but also of topographic features such as streets and bodies of water.

This harmonious fit between our maps is not simply a visual phenomenon: the layer tables associated with each map are efficiently and intuitively organized, allowing you to transfer and combine data columns among maps. This gives you endless possibilities for creating custom-tailored maps - e.g., a map of Europe's postcodes from Portugal to Belarus, or a map depicting all municipalities in Central and South America, along with major streets and waterways.

We provide maps for countries around the globe. Our European maps are updated annually. For many countries, place-name attributions are provided in both the international form (ASCII) and the local language.

 Map features at a glance

  • World's most complete collection of administrative and postcode maps
  • Overlap-free and gapless digital coverage
  • Continuously zoomable vector-based maps
  • Seamless fit between all maps
  • Updated and expanded yearly
  • Based on geographic coordinates (WGS 84)
  • Complete with German (when relevant), international and local place-name attributions
  • Crosschecked against up-to-date satellite imagery
  • Produced by experts with branch-specific knowledge relevant to the map in question
  • Perfectly tailored to GfK's market and purchasing power datasets


Download free samples to see the quality of our maps! Formats:

  • ESRI ArcGIS (*.shp)
  • MapInfo (*.tab)
  • RegioGraph (*.lay)
  • GeoDatabase (*.gdb, now available for ArcGIS 10)
  • Oracle


GfK GeoMarketing is the official producer of CRESTA Zones maps

GfK is the official producer of the CRESTA zone maps.


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