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Digital maps for mapping software - Chile

GfK offers up-to-date administrative (comunas, provincias, regiones) and topographic digital maps of Chile for use in geographic information systems (GIS) and mapping software.

These maps can be easily combined with data. Comprehensive information on the map set contents and the last date of revision can be found in the map details located to your right. Digital postcode map Chile, mapa código postal, Municipios, Departamentos, Provincias, for GIS software: ESRI ArcGIS, MapInfo Professional, RegioGraph.

Chile - digital postcode maps for GIS

  • 1-digit postcode areas
  • 3-digit postcode areas

Chile - digital administrative maps for GIS

  • Municipalities (Comunas)
  • Provinces (Provincias)
  • Regions (Regiones)

Chile - digital topographic maps for GIS

Maps feature city points, national roads, rivers and lakes.

Digital vector maps Chile

Chile - digital postcode (códigos postales) and administrative maps for GIS: 1-digit and 3-digit postcode areas, municipalities (comunas), provinces (provincias), regions (regiones).



Download free samples to see the quality of our maps! Formats:

  • ESRI ArcGIS (*.shp)
  • MapInfo (*.tab)
  • RegioGraph (*.lay)
  • GeoDatabase (*.gdb, now available for ArcGIS 10)
  • Oracle


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