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Sales territory planning

Good sales territory planning is time-consuming and requires expert knowledge and finesse. Restructuring sales territories is also a political issue - for example, sometimes employees do not readily accept the new structure due to a fear of change or loss of privileges.

Objectivity on which you can build!

A fully neutral outsider adviser is often the person best placed to offer a frank and objective assessment with regard to required sales territory changes and their implementation. Also, an expert with years of experience can provide invaluable information on the actual prospects of a proposed sales territory restructuring.

An external advisor can help...

  • coordinate the various interests of the negotiating parties
  • determine a realistic schedule for the entire process
  • provide a professional analysis of company data
  • make relevant market and branch-specific data available to better assess the potential of the planned endeavor.

These services can enhance and extend a company's existing market knowledge, increasing the chances for a favorable outcome.

Experience and expertise in all markets and branches of business

GfK has been providing geomarketing solutions for many years, with a particular emphasis in the area of sales territory planning.

Our sales optimization consultants have extensive experience in sales territory planning and optimization and have provided their services to hundreds of companies from numerous branches of trade, both domestically and abroad.



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