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Advantages of geomarketing

Geomarketing can quickly and efficiently answer any "where" questions, allowing companies to enhance their success and make more informed business decisions. Some examples of questions that are easily answered via a geomarketing approach include:

  • What is the distribution of my A, B and C customers?
  • Where are the areas of growth and decline in my regional turnover levels?
  • Where are my target groups located?
  • Which customers are served by each of the sales force members? Could my sales regions be more efficient?
  • How large are the catchment areas of my branch offices/stores? Is there overlap between these catchment areas or those of the competition?
  • What is the overall market potential and to what extent is this being exploited at the various company locations?
  • Where are the ideal sites for new company locations, both domestically and abroad?
  • What is the state of the infrastructure surrounding a planned retail real estate object?
  • Is a planned project feasible in terms of the prospective location, applicable building codes and local/regional competition?
  • Is it worth investing in a particular location or real estate portfolio?

Among the many advantages of a geomarketing approach are

  • Objectivity and transparency
  • Comprehensive perspective informed by a wide range of data
  • Quick access to a wealth of domestic and international market knowledge
  • Simplification of complex relationships between data through their visualization on digital maps
  • International comparabilty
  • Easy and quick communication of the results of analyses
  • Acquisition of new market insights that would otherwise have gone unnoticed.


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